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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1991
Owner: Lurkertom from U.S.A., Washington
Colorcode: LC3Y (Bordeaux pearl effect was delivered from 1990 till 1995)
Bought on date: May 1, 2003

Information / Adjustments :
The engine has been rebuilt to stage 4 specs...1.9 litre, 260/268 cam and an Upsolute chip.

A couple of years ago I removed the engine and replaced the crank, cam, and intermediate shaft oil seals. No more oil drips in the driveway.

The car was in an accident in late April '04 when my mechanic started the car in reverse gear while reaching in through the driver side window. The right rear corner was wiped out and needed a new hatch and quarter panel. I used the insurance money to repair all the other dents dings and scratches it had accumulated over the years. I also added a cool Fibre Images VR6 Carbon/Kevlar hood in the red and black weave. I think it's a great match. Then the car got a complete respray in the original color and new bumper skins. Shaved the rear emblems except for VW and filled the rear corner seams.

The G-lader has been professionally massaged by John Betz at BahnBrenner Motorsports of Bend, Oregon with the full GT-70+ porting job and RSR outlet. Bearings, wide cog belt, apex strips, and seals were replaced in August '03. The inlet is a BBM Howitzer with a K&N cone filter.

Exhaust is a Borla stainless cat back system with the stock down pipe.

The coolant and boost hoses are by Samco and the intercooler inlet and outlets tubes are by Eurosport.

It rides on Bilstein struts, H&R Sport springs, and 17 X 7.5 OZ Racing Competition Wheels. The tires are brand new Hankook Ventus HRII 205/40HR17's.

Although it no longer does, it was one of the first in the Pacific Northwest to have the Lysholm twin screw supercharger. The car is still featured on the BBM web site doing a drive by shortly after it was installed. Fairly loud and it was putting down some serious torque!

In February '04, I bought a 1/2 black leather and cloth Recaro interior from Niels on VW Vortex. The seats were only available on European Corrados and are quite rare in the US as only a few have been imported. Some Canadian cars have the full cloth Recaros. I also installed the European seat belts and black pillar trim and got rid of the mouse track automatic belts.

Wishlist :
Future Mods yet to come and as the budget allows...
Scirocco mono wiper
VR6 5 lug hubs
VR6 Coilovers
Quaife or Peloquin LSD
Six Speed Gearbox
Silenced Lysholm Twin Screw Supercharger
Techtonics Tuning Header
Audi A6 door handles
Improved sound system

Totalscore: 329, average:9.14