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Corrado G60 Turbo

Manufacture Date: 1991
Owner: Odde from Norway, Nordland
Colorcode: LC3Y (Bordeaux pearl effect was delivered from 1990 till 1995)
Bought on date: 2001

Information / Adjustments :
Supersprit, Dr-Shrick cam, garrett gt17 turbo, ISV reroute kit, 2.5" downpipe, Saab IC, JR air filter, water injection, short shift, sachs clutch... Rebuilt engine.
Tintet windows. Lowered 40mm with inter alloy springs
17" O-Z racing superturisimo wrc rims.

Some new pictures...

Wishlist :
Get someone to help me weld on the Audi A6 door handels (still laying in the garage!) and
then get a new paintjob....

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