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Corrado 1.8 16V

Manufacture Date: 1990
Owner: usophunke from U.S.A., New York
Colorcode: LC3Y (Bordeaux pearl effect was delivered from 1990 till 1995)
Bought on date: June 2005

Information / Adjustments :
im going to pic both my c's on one page...first the 91yel.also known as the my 1st corrado..was auto swapped to an o2a 5speed and has a fresh g60 engine in ac, 268/260 cam stg 4 bbm chip/65 mm pulley/deleted isv carbon crap and most all unnessesary stuff in engine bay/ 3.0fpr/fmic/custom piping/g60 block off plate/ vr6 clutch/16'' millie miglia mm2's/10mm wheel spacers/in process of removing has no rust ...i bought it in wisconsin and drove it back to n.y....sold do to divorce...sad I know

my second c was a 92 g60 purple..i bought it down the street from my parents for wicked cheap...i sold it to my boss...for a ton... cuz i needed the money(and he is a prick) but it was all stock with tons of issues i couldnt afford at the was hit buy a van and then bought off him buy a member of my club and now being parted...very sad...***update good news kid is not parting car and returning it to the road....

my third c' the 90red...also known as 2phunke..I bought about 5 hours from here in its present condition...for 800 new project car...patec holeshot coilovers/fresh paint/on 15's completely shaved no badges mouldings fk grill..planning to do a 16vturbo swap this winter and custom recaro interior.. corrado done.... some day will update pics!!

wow its been a while since I edited this.... stupid MK2VR6coupe!!!
started making shirt designs for my friends DEADLYDUBS!! WOOT

ok!! 24 Nov 2009!!
2Phunke (red) was pretty much completed and driven and now is under the knife again.
: new shorten up piping, hidden wiring. moved all electrical to under the dash. everything you see blue in the engine bay is black, with covers or replacements. bottom half of engine and tranny are now black. boost controller, map senser, coil, msds,ecu are all in dash now too!
headlight harness is run through the frame and across the front rad support to the lights.
:I am going to be taking the bbs rs off my coupe and running them on the in the next year. I sold the recaro interior for the power trophy's and some cash and will be doing a dark tan interior in time.

The paint is getting buffed out, stripes are getting removed and a vr hood is going on... I have been going back and forth about making the car a removable hard top and that decision is still teetering.

I am in the process of picking up a super clean corrado show car....but will start another thread once that is a done deal! oh the addiction never stops.

Wishlist :
red car is getting a 16v turbo full swap with o2a..... recaro seats and alot of custom mods. My goals are to keep it clean and fast.

24 nov... all the above was done. last drove the rado at 23psi! had some 27 psi spiking issues that I worked out to a bad boost controller. made for a sick ride.

I sold the blue corrado, yellow corrado, purple corrado and now want another blue one.... crazy right!!! so I guess thats my wish!!!

what you see below is my coupe... the rado in the corner and my boy Jeffs green mk1... this is where the magic happens..

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