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Corrado 2.8 VR6 SLC

Manufacture Date: 1993
Owner: radoSK from Canada, Saskatchewan
Colorcode: LA9V (Brilliant black metallic was delivered from 1991 till 1995)

Information / Adjustments :
bought her totalled, rebuilt the entire front, has golf mk2 bumper support and brackets, also mk2 golf signals, spent alot of time fixing fender, rad support and front subframe repainting, put badgeless grille on, carbon fiber VIS hood, euro vr6 headlights and a custom bumper i fiberglassed together from old crashed one haha, got her safetied and have been driving her this winter and part of this summer so far for about 8 months now ...

I have replaced most of the cooling system part including the rad and all those expensive plastics housing/tubes, just had rear motor mount and tranny arm changed now I have to changed the front as the engine has torqued itself off the mount ... someone should tell a person of the prices and fixes needed to own such a car, but still love it!

UPDATE; Sept. 4/2012:
- Car left my possession last year, she has been missed. No funds to keep the beauty.

Wishlist :
- To still have the money to own a Corrado.

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