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Corrado 2.0 16V

Manufacture Date: 1994
Owner: G535 from Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Colorcode: LA9V (Brilliant black metallic was delivered from 1991 till 1995)
Bought on date: 15.03.2010

Information / Adjustments :
- H&R Rebound 30 coils
- 3-piece Compomotive Motorsport wheels 8x16 ET17 front, ET13,5 back with 215/35 Hankook S1 Evos, polished, centers powdercoated silver
- rub strips removed
- black VW badges front and back
- 16V badge on rear removed
- Corrado badge on rear panel matched to body color
- black window tint
- rear arches rolled and flared slightly
- fenders rolled
- headlights smoked
- black side turn signals
- US spec front turn signals


- black OEM leathers (early spec) with partial leather power Recaros
- D30 Momo Team black leather / D32 Momo wood steering wheel
- small music set-up
- Audi S3 8L shiftknob
- power windows

UPDATE 2012:

Car now sits on Porsche D90s 8 & 9x16 with 35 & 45mm H&R adapters. Final offsets front 17,3 & 7,3 rears. Rears have about -2.2 of negative Camber.

The Compomotives will be rebuilt to 8,5 and 9x16. Centers will be painted grey.

VW and Corrado Emblems are colormatched now. US turns are frehsly clear coated.

Front bumper will be shaved and resprayed before MIVW in August!

Rigshots taken by my buddy from are online - make sure to check them out!

Wishlist :
- maintenance on engine
- completely redo exhaust once again
- wrap headliner in black suede
- reapair sunroof
- Full black leather Recaros

Totalscore: 127, average:9.77