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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1989, model 1990: number 003011
Owner: The Green from Belgium, Antwerpen
Colorcode: LD6U (Dark green metallic was delivered from 1988 till 1990)
Bought on date: 1995

Information / Adjustments :
Below are the old spec, STUFF HAS CHANGED...
Color code is also old!

The car has been completely redone the past 4 years (it is now end of 2013).
Due to the issues with the body shop and the cost involved to get the engine ready, I lost interest a bit in this car..
For the moment it is "finished", engine runs (despite 2 minor leaks) and runs fine. I'm able to achieve less than 9L per 100km if I drive like a normal person ;).
Car runs 2bar of boost, only thing I'm thinking to change at some point is the cam, which I think I selected to be a bit too agressive, hence the reason why it spools at 4k. Boost does kick in a bit too agressive, there is absolutely nobody home before 4k (equal of about 90hp), but as soon as 4k is hit it is impossible to contol the car with 1 hand on the wheel (unless you have flat tarmac). I often need more than 1 lane, so caution is advised ;)

No pictures, no videos, car is off the road for the moment because:

I might continue this one in 2014 or 15 and only in case it gets the oldtimer status.
For the moment I'm building a passat G60 variant syncro for the Nurburgring so we can use it in the 2014 season of the touristenfahrten.
If we break the passat, the drivetrain will go into the corrado ;)

For fun I bought myself a Honda MSX125 or Grom for my last birthday, a lot cheaper to modify than cars and more fun! Nothing leaves stock...

See my SHOWCASES for most recent pics!
Current mods:

Modified engine with 209.6hp: gen III glader, fully ported and with 68mm pouly, large golf IC, large radiator, colder thermo, ported TB, detour removed, colder plugs, assym cam, adj camwheel, adj fpr set on 3.5bar, larger fuel pump, re-enforced oil pan with sections and coverplate, forged 1.8 16v crank, lightend flywheel, quick shift, group A exhaust, upgraded engine mounts (Street version)

Gearbox modified with all brand new vr6 internals, case is from a golf Rallye.
Peloquin diff.
Sachs Raching clutch kit (capable of 500nm)

polished cil head cover and alternator, carbon radiator cover plate

Sparco stabilisation bar, Eibach anti-sway bars front and rear, Powerflex PU bushes everywhere, Adjustable coilovers Patec (front) KW var.1 (rear),

Aluminium Wiechers rollcage (rear only), aluminium Wiechers lower stabilisation bar

BREMBO 4-pot conversion kit (that's why photo 1 won't be seen again since 16" is minimum.)

fuel pressure-, volt-, lambda gauge

17" 7.5j Polished AMG style RH wheels (Summer) 17" 7j brandless customed wheels (Winter), modified front rs style bumper, rieger sideskirts and rear end, lupo gti driver whiper, english lupo gti passenger whiper (can be turned easily to dtm), Inpro taillights red-smoke, Inpro clear white headlights, XENON provided and installed by

Handmade carbon fiber hood (top carbon, bottom fiber reinforced with steel where you bolt it to the car) provided by

Alcantara rooflining, alcantara floor to hide amplifiers and

Carputer with: Wifi, DVD burner, GPS, 5.1 surround sound and 90fps webcam mounted on the rollcage

<<< FYI: old pictures below >>>

Wishlist :
xflow 8VT
Turbo arrived! (see 2 up) - update Sept 2011: sold again for bigger one
Chromo forged rods arrived!

26012007: Engine brought away for prepping.

- 580cc injectors and rail arrived!
- Water injection arrived!
- KW Var 3 arrived! (and fitted)

28082007: Engine bored, head work starting this week.
28/01/2009: Engine picked up, head ordered in US.
18/09/2011: Head is for inspection at Bar-Tek Motorsport
Bought CNC flowed G60 head, plus 70mm toothed pulley system because:
Mid October: appointment made with mapping compagny to start on an engine (or G60 fully built, or if ready the 8VT)

New 8vt engine will have:

Xflow large valve head, p&p and transformed to mech (still in the shop).
JE pistons with coating, forged 'home made' connection rods (contact me if intrested), knife edged crank, all blueprinted, every bolt is ARP (-ready-)
ITB setup from OBX (ready-ish: at Bar-Tek to port match)
Synapse wastegate and bov (-ready-)
Autronic standalone from Rob Van Asbroeck
Apexi Black edition (-ready- -> most likely obsolete due to Autronic standalone))
Possibly water injection (-ready-) and direct port nitrous -NOS- (-ready-)
Dry sump from INA (-waiting-)

Feb 2009: car is at the body shop for full exterior redo.
May 2010: car still at body shop, almost finished, pics added.
Sept 2011: car at interior shop, outside 'finished' after being treated like shit by body shop (had to be redone completely, had to contact my lawyer to get it completed, ...)
Oct 2011: app made with engine tuning company to fit one of the 2 engines I have.

still looking for a complete kit
====>>> FOUND VIA INA Engineering

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